walker cole

NYT mini Leaderboards


August 2019
Python, GoogleCharts, GoogleSheetsAPI, Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the New York Times mini leaderboards project. I'm still working on automating the data input from the crossword puzzle website to my Google Sheet, so right now, I just input data manually. I've been trying to use Flask, Beautiful Soup, and lxml, but I'm getting caught up with authenticating my user when logging in.

I decided to make this leaderboard because currently on the NYT website, you can only see your friends' current day's solve time. I think it would be interesting to see how people perform over time. Who has the fastest time ever? Who has the fastest time for a particular day of the week? Like the full crosswords, does the day of the week coorespond to puzzles of different difficulties? Do we solve faster if we've solved a greater number of puzzles? There are lots of questions to ask and answers to be found with some of this data, and it's also just a fun way to see how we all fare stacked against each other.

There is a best times chart below which graphically shows each person's fastest time for a particular day of the week.

best solve times

More content coming soon...

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