SQL, PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Javascript

I took a Database Design course over the summer this year. For the final project, my partner and I decided to create a stock screening web application. Our initial idea was to create an algorithmic trading web app since we are both interested in the stock market, but due to various limitations, we quickly realized that wouldn’t have been feasible.

We decided to take the top 25 stocks from the S&P 500 and create a database of metrics over the last 10 years. The data for each stock was collected from https://nasdaq.com, and was later compiled into one centralized format that we imported into mySQL. We were able to determine the level of risk for a particular stock as well as a recommended position for a given stock using formulas that we created.

Our application is suited for everyone with any interest in the stock market. Swing gives you some basic metrics that you expect to see on any stock trading application such as % change, 52 week high and low, as well as volume metrics. What really makes our app stand out is our recommendation and risk assessments of these stocks.

In trying to complete this project, I believe that we were a bit too ambitious in the UI design as neither of us have had any real experience with web design before this class. Therefore, it is not very surprising that we were not able to complete all of the goals that we set out to do. Specifically, we were not able to complete the side by side analysis of the two stocks of the user’s choice. Although we weren’t able to complete this component of the application, I still believe that our application is still very useful to traders of all sorts.

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