I took Fundamentals of Computer Science II during the summer of 2018. For our final project, we had to create a flooding island game. The game begins by your character randomly spawning somewhere on the island. As time advances, the water level rises, and if you touch the water, it’s game over. It’s your job to move the player around the island and collect all of the helicopter parts before you get flooded. You win the game by collecting all of the parts before touching the water.

The animation above shows the 3 different terrain types - a perfect pyramid, random diamond, and randomly* generated terrain (the last isn’t completely random because the algorithm creates gradual gradients for adjacent cells). I don’t have a visual example of the completed game on hand, and I don’t remember how to execute the program, but it was running as expected when I submitted the assignment.

If I ever get around to running the game again, I’ll be sure to insert an image here showing some sample gameplay.

GitHub repo

p.s. beware, code is ugly